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Mini site profits is is a Great book Phil !! I was involved with you last year when you put together the mentoring program for mini websites. When the book and website came out I jumped at the chance to work with you again. One of the sites I put together, using your ideas, gets over 12,000 hits per month, it brings in $2000 dollars (U.S.) per month, and that amount is still growing. This is just in the first 3 months that the site has been online. I am listed in all of the major search engines as well as in Yahoo and Open Directory Project, in most cases in the top 10 for my keywords and phrases.

I have spent thousands of dollars on marketing courses, search engine placement courses and newsletters telling me how I can make thousands on the Internet. You have done what most of these people have never been able to do, explain how to make money in simple, easy to understand terms without spending several thousands more just to make it happen.

Most authors surround a few facts and information with a lot of hype or garbage to justify their product to someone who just paid more than the information was worth. You did not do this. You put a great effort into your book, and the end result is a simple, workable, focused manual on how to build your Internet business, without going broke doing it, and have time for a life at the end of the day .

Thanks again Phil,
Bruce Henderson

Your Mini Site Profits course is awesome! You've laid out step by step how to make mini sites profitable. Keep up the great work.
Gilles Cote

"Phil, I thought I would write and tell you that I think your new Mini Site Profits book is excellent. Anybody looking to build a substantial income with mini sites should come to you first!
You have packed in a lot of information that will definetely account for a lot of profits being made as a result of reading your book. Good work!"
Wes Blaylock - Instant Visitors

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Thank You Phil,

Excellent, I waited quite awhile for you to publish this and was far from disappointed. You have done a masterful job of breaking things down into easy to follow manageable
steps which go straight to the point.

None of the marketing hype or gibberish which some of the other books I have read contain. Any one should be able to follow the plan in this book and succeed. I'll be doing a couple of test minisites this weekend myself.

Thanks again.
conrad king

Just wanted to tell you that you have put together an incredible blueprint for succeeding with affiliate sites or any product. Anyone can do this with your expert advice. Your ebook will be an industry standard for years to come.

Thanks again!
Nathan Lynch

I'm currently engrossed in it. In fact, ecstatic! Not so much in the content (please don't take this the wrong way) but in the potential! So many ideas are going through my head right now because of the seemingly unlimited potential you have given me. And this is only after reading the first few chapters.
I like your style. You haven't held back with anything. It's a genuine product designed to help your readers become (financially) successful on the internet - through Mini Sites.
I hope you make squillions! You deserve every penny of it.
James Taris

I was glued to the monitor.

This is such an eazy read! You really do cut the fluff and get down to business. Awesome. Anytime you would like a testimonial for customer service, feel free to use me. I have never had such a quick and professional response from anyone on the internet. I certainly expected no less, after reading All the Secrets for years and feeling as if I know you. You are one to practice what you preach, providing personalized, fast customer service instead of just an automated response. I can't wait to get my minisite going.

(forgotten who wrote the above one...please remind me)

Splendid stuff!

I've read a lot in the last two years, but none better. I've just answered an email from a guy who needs help desperately, and yours is the book I'm recommending for its clarity as well as its content. Ken Evoy provides abundant info, but - as this guy pointed out to me though I'd not realized it - he's heavy going for some. He thought the Affiliate Master's course was good, but he just gave up on it part way through. I can't imagine that happening with yours. It's written, of course, with the skill of a journalist able "to refresh the parts others can't reach".

From my own point of view, the best I can say is how glad I am that you talked me out of quitting before I'd had a chance to read Mini Site Profits. It's provided me with a new direction, which I'll enjoy following.

I've opened up an account with BizMiniSites, and my second site, starting work today I hope, will be in preparation for the Mini Site Profits affiliate launch.

David Croft
The Successful Marketer

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I have been reading your allthesecrets newsletter for a long time, and yours has been the only one that I never even think about un-subscribing to.... I think this is because you offer excellent materials for sale, without hype, seem to care about the success of your readers, and are "down-home friendly"!

Your mini-sites ebook *over-delivers*, and was well worth waiting for. It is comprehensive and offers step-by-step training to help others follow in your footsteps to success-on-the-net! It makes creating mini-sites seem easy to do, and definitely worth doing. Thank you for all your efforts. I am looking forward to the members only site....

As far as price, I would go for 77.00 or 97.00, after your members only site is up. But you should also think about charging a yearly fee, and add bonuses to keep people paying the fee.

all the best!!!
Lori McArdle

Phil, You have a real winner with your "Mini Site Profits" book. Even if I knew where to look for the information you provide, (which I don't) it would cost me 5 times the $47 I gladly paid, just in time savings to me, to have you do it for me. In addition I think the most valuable part of your offer is the one-on-one email help. Most authors just leave you to flounder around. Thanks a heap, Phil.
John Dougherty.

Hi Phil,
Just a quick note to tell you your new mini-sites product is awesome!
I've seen a lot of people rip off your concept and try to write about it. But no one can do it like the master! The great thing about this is, anyone -- and I honestly believe that -- virtually anyone can take your idea and make money with it in relatively short order.

It's simple. It's practical. And it really, really works. I recommend this to all beginners, and anyone looking to make terrific extra cash on the Net. I'm going to buy copies of this for some of my friends and relatives. They need it!

Genius. Just sheer genius.
Best of sales,
Marlon Sanders
Push Button Sales

Your content is outstanding!

Your ebook mirrors a mini-site concept in one essential aspect -- tight focus.

I loved it! You have provided some real examples that people can use to create their own mini-sites and they can also expect results if they follow your formula (maybe not as well with Goto due to higher costs, but a combination of the other PPCs would work just as well, I imagine.) The ebook is very organized in a step-by-step fashion which is perfect for guiding a newcomer through creating their own sites -- suggesting urls where they can buy low cost domains and hosting etc. will help them save quite a bit of money setting up their new sites. I think you will find some very good feedback on this one, Phil. You did an exceptional job addressing the mini-site concept!

EVA Almedia.



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