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Mini sites are easy to setup, and once you get them kick started, you pretty much leave them running on autopilot.

Mini Sites - an introduction

Although my book, Mini Site Profits, concentrates on affiliate programs, it's not much different if you want to build mini sites to promote your own product.

The major difference is that when you're promoting affiliate programs your job is to presell the product. In other words, your mini site works on putting people into a buying mood, so that when you send targeted traffic to the site you're promoting you're going to get a much better conversion rate...and a bigger income.

When you have your own product - or when you have full resale rights to a product - you need to directly make the sale. So rather than sending people to read a sales letter you need that sales letter on your own mini site. I cover both in Mini Site Profits though it's mainly about making big affiliate sales.

Why choosing a topic for your mini site is different
to building an ordinary content site...

I've always been a big believer in following your passions, in doing what you love.

I've said many times in my marketing newsletter Letter from Phil, that you'll find success if you build a web site around your special interest.

If you're in love with window blinds build a killer window blind site. If all you can think about are the clouds in the sky aim to build the world's best cloud site. (maybe you could source and sell dramatic cloud posters, or even binoculars).

But you can take an entirely different approach to mini sites.

With mini sites, because they're quick to build and low-cost, you can follow the money.

It's very easy to find out what is in demand and supply it.

In other words, instead of following your passions:

* you can simply take any successfull affiliate program you choose and build a mini site around it.

* you can take any hot, popular, fast selling, product and build a mini site to sell it.

* can look up the most searched for words or phrases on the web, find an affiliate program related to those words, and build a mini site around them.

condensed from the introduction to Phil Wiley's Mini Site Profits.

Mini Site Profits Contents

Why mini sites - the concept/overview

What are mini sites? - introduction - why choosing a topic is different for a mini site - the 3 types of mini sites - why people fail - how to succeed - the basic idea - the importance of your mini site design.

My first mini sites and why they worked the program I promoted - why I built mini sites around it - why they worked and how they quickly propelled me to no2 reseller.

Follow the money - choosing subjects for your mini sites - expanding your horizons - how to move out of your niche - how to build a site you know people are looking for - deciding on a product to sell on your new site - finding an affiliate merchant.

Action Plan 1 - building a cell phone micro-mini site step-by-step guide to building a complete mini site from start to finish in under 1 hour for less than $10. (and how to make it profitable in less than seven days without spending a fortune on advertising)

Choosing a mini site domain name the type of domain name - mini site domain name basics - in depth - researching the product - example in action

How to make search engines love your mini site why search engines love mini sites - it's not complicated - relevancy - stay on topic - the importance of keyword rich headlines - content - keyword density -analyzing your keywords - keeping your meta tags clean - the growth of theme based positioning - testing with pay-per-clicks - more search engine advice and help.

Preselling and other conversion techniques. What is preselling? - why Ken voy's Affiliate Masters free course is a mini site research must have tool - thoughts on preselling - why preselling is an essential technique of affiliates - and why your mini sites must presell - the main way to presell - targeting techniques - you've got to drive the right people to your site.

Mini Web Site Action Plan 2 - the quick and easy way to build a money-making mini site in 25 minutes building a site using material provided by the affiliate merchant in less than 30 minutes.

Mini site success stories Michelle Grover's Eczema site - Scot Dantzer's musical instrument site - Brian Terry's 5-Minute Reviews -Johannes Garrido's Roibot site - en Silver's Honest Lotto - Eva Almeida's ebook sites

Mini site Masters. What you can learn from the Masters of Mini Site Building - Marlon Sanders - Yanik Silver - Michael Campbell - Declan Dunn - Terry Dean

eBusiness Primer building your mini site empire - your success strategy should be simple - the importance of developing a work ethic - time management for stay at home web workers and improving your personal productivity - the essentials of affiliate record keeping - motivation

Further Search Engine Tips and Advice.

Affiliate Program Resource Guide - programs to build your mini web sites around - choosing the right programs to promote - links to affiliate sign up pages.

Software Resource List - mini site tools and help

Directory of free and low-cost mini site hosts.

Learn how to build mini web sites now.