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Mini sites are easy to setup, and once you get them kick started, you pretty much leave them running on autopilot.

Mini Sites - the Mini Theme Site.

A mini theme site is just like a smaller version of a huge content site, but one with a vital difference. It's tightly focussed on one segment of a theme. Where a big content site offers viewers hundreds of choices (in the form of links) the mini site keeps your visitors tightly on track towards following your most wanted response which is clicking through to the product, or affiliate program, you're promoting.

Small, theme based mini sites are designed to get traffic by obtaining a high search engine position. Mini sites (themed) get traffic because they've got their own keyword-strong domain name, correct and honest meta tags, the proper keyword density focussing on a popular search term used in the headline and repeated well in the body copy, plus what the search engines see as relevant content.

Properly optimized mini sites only need to be between 3 and 12 pages to rank very highly in the search engines.

Mini sites designed to get high ranking take a lot longer to build than 1 page micro mini sites, but unless you're prepared to buy most of your traffic, it's important that you add content to increase your search engine ranking.

Mini theme sites have one other advantage over micro mini sites - if you build your mini sites with very good theme based content they will also help establish your credibility.

Unless you are already well known, and a "name" in your chosen field a mini site that is just a straight sales letter may have little impact.

If you can show people that you know what you are talking about it, with good content, it lends credence to your sales pitch and product testimonials. (of course, a quick way around this is to use testimonials and content from the site of the affiliate program you are promoting - if suitable content is not found in the affiliate help section of the site you're promoting please be certain to ask permission of the site owner / product owner before using their content.

This mini site article was condensed from Mini Site Profits.

by Phil Wiley, editor of the no hype marketing ezine "Letter from Phil", and author of the best selling Mini Site Profits.