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Mini sites are easy to setup, and once you get them kick started, you pretty much leave them running on autopilot.

Mini Sites - advice on earning an affiliate income
by building mini sites.

My book Mini Site Profits takes you step-by-step through creating low cost mini sites which are fast to build and fast to earn you an income.

It covers, in simple, easy-to-follow steps, coming up with profitable ideas, getting a domain name, creating a simple site with simple design, and then promoting it with as little out of pocket expense as possible.

The point is that you can make serious money online with just a simple 1-5 page website. Your web site doesn't have to be a massive collection of information that will take you the next 3 years to compile. Mini sites can easily be completed in a single day.

Mini Site Advice:

1. Mini Sites introduction - an introduction to the book Mini Site Profits, which concentrates on teaching you how to build mini sites to promote affiliate programs.

2. Coming up with a profitable mini site idea - Here's a quick step by step guide to creating a mini web site from scratch. You can do it today in just a couple of hours or less. Here's my diary from earlier today.

11.45am: Logged into Commission-Junction to find a replacement cell phone program for one of my mini sites. I glanced at the new affiliate program listings and one jumped out as being a perfect subject for a quick new mini web site.

3. Mini Sites - the Mini Theme Site - a mini theme site is just like a smaller version of a huge content site, but one with a vital difference...