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yes there's a real person behind the Mini Site Profits site...

and that's me.. Phil Wiley. You probably know me already as the editor of the successful affiliate marketing ezine "all the Secrets" (also known as Letter from Phil, which I've been publishing for over 400 weekly issues. What you might not know is that I practice what I preach, and earn a comfortable living from affiliate programs. A year or so ago I came up with the idea of tiny mini sites to promote each individual program I promote, and they quickly helped boost my sales. Over the past year I've refined the mini site art, discovering exactly what works and what doesn't. Mini Site Profits shows you exactly how to build fast, profitable mini sites that sell.

I'm not sure what questions you might have. I hope all of them are answered by the book, but if you do have any problems or questions please email me using the conact form on and I will give priority to your email.

My business, home, and mailing address is 20 Sleipner St, Mt Archer, Qld 4701, Australia. I work from a fantastic mountain top home office with amazing views of Australia's Great Barrier reef islands. You can see some photos taken from the back porch in my online newsletters

Email is definitely the easiest way to reach me.

You'll kick yourself if you don't take this opportunity
to learn how to build profit pulling mini sites.

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