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You don't know what you're missing. Mini sites really work. But if you need more convincing read some of my mini site articles.

And if you're still not convinced mini sites will work for you, here's a deal

Ok, I know money is tight for some people and US$67 might seem like a lot to you right now, but you've got to remember that Mini site Profits is about 2 things.

Not only will you learn how to make extra money by building affiliate mini sites that really pull in the sales, but you'll also be saving a fortune on web hosting.

The book details at least one web host that is giving away free hosting without placing any form of advertising on your site. Another that gives you a free site for the price of your domain name, and a number of other hosts that charge just $1 a month - some with no set up fee.

What are you paying for hosting right now? $10, $20, $30 a month? Let's be conservative and say it's just $10 a month. That's $120 a year you could be saving just by investing in my book.

Still...$67 is $67 and you might not have it right now.

So here's an offer you can't refuse.

You can have the complete Mini site Profits book for just US$47

No, I'm not reducing the price by $20 just because you read to the bottom of the page and found this link. It's just I don't want you to miss out because you can't afford the investment.

So here's the deal:

For $47 you get to learn everything about building mini sites that sell affiliate programs like crazy. It's all there. It's the exact same version of the book with no chapters removed. Not even the one detailing the great web hosting specials. After all they're an important ingredient. What you don't get is everything else in the $67 package.

Personally I think you'd be silly to take me up on this low cost deal.... because for just $20 more you'll be missing out on everything else that comes with the member site.

For the sake of $20 you'll miss out on

lifetime membership to the member only site.

free updates to the book, including details of all the latest low cost hosting specials.

your free email consultation and critique of your first mini site.

all the valuable bonus books, including the resale rights to Killer Mini Sites.

the growing collection of mini site templates.

and a 20% discount off my next book

"Ok, you've convinced me Phil.....I really do need the $ complete package."
Nope, just the book will do... please give it to me for $



You'll kick yourself if you don't take this opportunity
to learn how to build profit pulling mini sites.

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